Seller Services

Maloy Krishnadhar (MK) aims to promote a convenient and easy way on selling your property and assets. With the collaboration of our professional marketing strategist, you will experience selling your assets at a higher price and best terms.

MK has a group of skillful agents who makes the selling process seamless with their empowered intellect and confidence. They ensure that your properties and assets will be safeguarded as they engage more buyers to put their interest in your real estate. They have reputable connections necessary in tailoring an effective marketing strategy and innovative advertisements. These agents are great negotiator who would make the best out of the deals involving your most valued assets. With MK, we give what our clients deserve.

Buyer Services

Maloy Krishnadhar (MK) understands the hassle brought by buying real estate. With MK, we aim to take the stress out of making one of the most important decisions you have to make. We want to ensure that our clients get to enjoy the experience of buying properties while ensuring the quality of their negotiation.

MK’s one marketing strategy is its ability to keep up with the latest trend in technology. Hence, we offer our clients with the most convenient way of connecting with us at all times. With this, we can focus on what matters most for our clients. MK also assures its clients that it would have an effective process of documenting everything from proposal of plan up to closing the deal. We want to express our outmost support to the clients who trusted us with their decision of buying properties. With MK, we want you to be protected.