About Us

Maloy Krishnadhar (MK) is an innovative real estate firm that aims to cater the best services to our most valued online clients. We ensure to provide quality service with our clients as we keep up with the latest trend in technology. MK wants to ensure that the flow of searching and selling of your desired property would be seamless and convenient.

MK wants to provide its clients the most brilliant way of finding and selling a home. With the fast-pace development of technology, MK aims to pair up with the most relevant platform in closing deals and agreements. Through MK, you can maximize your opportunity in promoting the most efficient and effective strategies in selling and searching for properties.

MK is manned with the brilliant engineers, designers and strategists working together using the smartest tools to lead an industry of real estate that caters the needs of our clients in navigating the perfect homes for them. They are equipped with their innovative knowledge in technology, real estate, marketing and finance. With their proven skills in marketing strategies, MK is able to conquer the real estate’s most complex challenges.

MK is starting to make its name across the globe as we aim to cater up to millions of clients. We aim to expand our reach throughout the most dynamic markets with our online services. With MK, our clients can find their place in the world.